Email Marketing

Email marketing is by far the most cost-effective way for a small business to communicate with large numbers of customers and prospects.  Unfortunately, many businesses are either not using email marketing at all, or are unknowingly breaking the law with their email marketing by violating the CAN-SPAM act.

With our email marketing services, we can write and send your email newsletter, help you build your email list, and help you determine how to incorporate email marketing into your overall strategy.

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Constant Contact Email Marketing

Constant Contact is your source for fast, easy, and affordable online marketing to reach your goals.  Bring all of your marketing together in one convenient place:  it’s the source for the email marketing campaigns, contact management, list growth tools, and coaching you need to engage and grow your audience across email, social, web, mobile, and more.

Constant Contact empowers you to grow your business: increase sales, engage loyal customers, get new customers, and spread your word of mouth with the robust suite of tools at your disposal.  As a Constant Contact Solution Provider, Redpoint Marketing Consultants can assist you in learning how to use these tools and make them fit seamlessly into your overall marketing strategy.

Watch the video below to learn more about Constant Contact, and then sign up for a 60-day free trial to get started.

Free Constant Contact Trial
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