Dynamark Security of Richmond Case Study

RMC helped one of the largest independently owned security companies in Richmond, VA bring order to a disorganized marketing system and communicate more effectively with their customers.  Read the case study below to see how we did it, or play the video below to hear Kevin Jordan discuss the case study in a BNI feature presentation.

BackgroundDynamark Security of Richmond

Dynamark Security of Richmond is one of the largest and oldest independently owned security companies in Richmond, VA.  The owner, Frank Pegram, has run the business for 30 years and is well-respected in the area.  His company provides alarm systems, alarm monitoring services, security cameras, and home automation systems to commercial and residential clients.

The Problem

Before he started working with Redpoint Marketing Consultants, Frank Pegram was working with four different marketing professionals–a web designer, SEO specialist, pay-per-click specialist, and direct mail specialist.  In order to be effective, all of these areas need to be closely coordinated, but in Frank’s case these specialists were not communicating well with each other, and in some cases were barely even communicating with him.  Frank didn’t have time to supervise all the people working on his marketing and give them proper direction.

The Solution

One of the marketing specialists working with Frank recognized that it was not a good situation, and referred Frank to Kevin Jordan, the principle at RMC.  Kevin proposed that Frank use RMC as their virtual marketing manager, and have everyone involved in working on Dynamark Security’s marketing report to RMC, who would then report to Frank.  That way, everyone would be on the same page, marketing efforts would be coordinated, and Frank would only have to deal with one person instead of four.

Frank agreed to this plan, and allowed RMC to take over supervision of Dynamark Security’s marketing.  One of the  first things Kevin did was to interview some of Dynamark’s best customers to see what they had to say about the business.  He also met with the various marketing providers Frank was working with to get them all on the same page.

3D_book_cover smallNext, Kevin wrote more educational content for Frank’s business, including FAQs, testimonials, case studies, and the marketing story of the business.  This content was packaged up in a marketing kit that could be used by Dynamark’s sales reps when they visited a homeowner or business owner to give them a quote for an alarm system.  It was also used to create a “buyer’s guide” that could be used in lead generation campaigns.

Once the new content was finished, RMC began adding a variety of marking tactics to what Dynamark was already doing, including:

  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Directory marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social media posting

Thanks to Kevin’s supervision, these new initiatives were integrated seamlessly into the existing marketing plan so that they complemented what was already being done and built upon past successes.  Frank now has time to run the business without worrying that the money he invests in marketing is going to waste due to uncoordinated efforts.

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