Marketing Tool Box

Below you will find a list of products, services, and resources that will help you save valuable time and money in your marketing. Most of them we have used ourselves in our business with great results. Those that we haven’t personally used have come very highly recommended to use from trusted sources. I would strongly suggest bookmarking this page and coming back to it on a regular basis–we will update it often.

Website-building resources

GoDaddy logo GoDaddy:There’s a reason GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. Their 24/7 customer support is excellent, and they have everything you need to host your website. The site you’re looking at now is hosted on GoDaddy.
Wordpress Logo WordPress: Once you’ve registered a domain name with GoDaddy and bought a hosting plan, use the WordPress blogging software to build your site. It’s free, and thanks to it’s open-source code there are a LOT of add-on programs called “plug-ins” that help you make a better site (like apps for a smartphone). This site was built using WordPress.


Wordpress Logo WordPress Resources: After you’ve set up your WordPress site, visit our directory of on-line resources to help you learn how to use it. This list includes tutorials, lists of themes and plugins, and much more.
w3schools W3schools: Use this site to teach yourself basic HTML, CSS, and other coding languages. These are the languages of the internet, and just like going to a foreign country without learning even a word of the language can get you in trouble, putting up and maintaining a web site without knowing even the most basic HTML will make things harder for you.


istock photo logo This site is a great source for stock photos and even stock videos. For a few bucks you can buy the license to use professional, high quality images and graphics for your web site. Using stock images on your site can go a long way to making you look more professional.

Email Marketing Resources

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy
Aweber: One of the most popular email marketing programs, Aweber has very robust analytics and excellent customer support. Plans start at about $19 a month after a free trial period.


Constant Contact: Another very popular email marketing and customer survey platform, Constant Contact is a little more intuitive to learn for those new to the email marketing game. They also offer some nice discounts to non-profit organizations.


ic-logo Instant Customer: This service goes well beyond email marketing–it’s more of a total lead capture and automatic follow-up system that incorporates email, text messaging, and direct mail all in one platform. It’s compatible with Aweber, Constant Contact, and a number of other email marketing programs, so you can use it on its own or in conjunction with another service.


mailchimp Mail Chimp: This email marketing service with the funny name is actually very widely used. It’s free if your email list has less than 2,000 subscribers, but it doesn’t have some of the robust functionality that the paid services have. However, for some businesses it will be all they ever need, and you can’t beat the price!


General Business Resources

Sign Up for a RingCentral Free Trial Today!
Ring Central: If you need an 800 number (or even a local number) for your business, check out Ring Central. You can set up one line or a whole office, have a professional answering system, send faxes from your laptop, forward your 800 number to your cell phone, and a lot more. With, you can print postage (including stamps) from your computer. It’s a huge timesaver, especially if you ship a lot of packages. Use the promo code C-9C2C-ZXK at this link to get $100 worth of supplies, including a digital scale.

Buffer: Use Buffer to schedule posts on all your social media sites at once, hours or even days in advance.  You can also install a browser plugin so you can share any web page instantly on all your social media sites at the same time.

LogMyCalls: LogMyCalls is a unique call-tracking service that for small business that not only records your calls, it also analyzes the actual conversations to determine where your best leads are coming from, and what changes you can make to your sales process to improve conversions. Other features include dynamic phone number insertion on your website and integrations with numerous 3rd party CRM systems.

LastPass: LastPass is a service that generates a random, secure password for every site you use that requires one, and then stores that password and logs you back into the site automatically every time you visit.
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