Our relationship with Duct Tape Marketing

What is Redpoint Marketing Consultants?

My name is Kevin Jordan, and I do business as Redpoint Marketing Consultants.  I am a small business marketing coach and consultant.  For more information about my business, see the Redpoint Marketing Story.

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

Duct Tape Marketing is a company started by John Jantsch that is widely recognized as the developer of the world’s most effective small business marketing system.  John basically created a turnkey marketing system that can be installed in any small business regardless of industry and size.  For more information on John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing, see the Duct Tape Marketing Story.

What is the relationship between myself and Duct Tape Marketing?

I am an authorized Duct Tape Marketing consultant.  That means that I license the Duct Tape Marketing System and use it to train and coach my clients.  I have been personally trained by John Jantsch to install the system he created in small businesses.

You can think of the relationship between myself and Duct Tape Marketing as similar to the relationship between a franchisee and the parent company.  When you visit a franchise as a consumer, you are interacting with a system that has been proven and replicated many times over, and that delivers predictable results.  The franchisee uses that system to deliver a product to the local market.  What you get with Duct Tape Marketing is a proven system delivered by a local authorized consultant (myself).

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