Self Study Course

For small business owners on a tight budget who want to start building a marketing system on their own, we offer a subscription-based self study course developed and maintained by Duct Tape Marketing.  Actually, calling it a self-study course is a little bit of a misnomer, because inside the course you’ll have access to webinars, Q&A sessions, and a forum where you can get answers from myself and other Certified Duct Tape Marketing consultants.  Here’s what’s included in the self-study course, all for the low price of $39 a month:

1) Immediate access to the Duct Tape Marketing Course – all 11 modules revealed to you the day you enroll. Each module contains bite-sized marketing lessons, video tutorials, action steps and forms to help you complete the lesson.

2) Monthly group coaching webinar where John Jantsch will drill down into a core topic and help you go deeper and deeper in your understanding of marketing. (Look for special guest appearances from outside experts too.)

3) Monthly live Q and A sessions where you’ll get your marketing questions answered by John Jantsch and a group of select advisers.

4) Membership in an exclusive community forum where you’ll meet other business owners working on the same challenges as you. You’ll find Duct Tape Marketing Consultants in the forum who can help you when you get unstuck and even consult with you.

5) Chance be chosen our monthly VIP Member and receive access to perks on software and services worth thousands of dollars.

6) Access to our proven toolbox of resources and software to help you get more productive.

7) Introduction to Duct Tape Marketing Consultants who can help you install every element of the system if you don’t want to go it alone.

8) Connection and accountability – this isn’t another course where you buy it and hope to remember to get around to it. We’ll be here to help you move the needle every single month for as long you like.

Ready to get started?  Fill out the form below to request a two-week free trial of the course.

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