Small Business Marketing Videos

Producing videos to help educate your target audience about your industry or business is a great way to build trust, and it’s something that I encourage my clients to do for their businesses.  Since I practice what I preach, I also do it for my own business on a regular basis.  Here, you’ll find small business marketing videos about a wide variety of topics, in no particular order.

How to Hire a Website Designer

Why is Reputation Monitoring so Important for Local Businesses?

How to Effectively Use a Small Marketing Budget

The Importance of Controlling Your Online Assets

Common Small Business Advertising Mistakes

In this video, I point out some common mistakes small businesses make when writing ads, and teach you how to correct those mistakes.

Five Questions to Ask When Networking

In this video, I teach you how to increase referrals through networking, and give you 5 questions you can ask when networking that will help you form better business relationships.

Create a Marketing Hourglass For Your Business

Learn how to turn customers into repeat customers who refer new business to you in this video.

 Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success Highlights

This video features some of the highlights from our workshop entitled Seven Steps to Small Business Marketing Success.

Identify Your Ideal Customer

In this video, learn a simple exercise to help you identify your ideal customer.

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