The Duct Tape Marketing Story

The Duct Tape Marketing System was born out of John Jantsch’s initial failure to serve the small business clients that were drawn to his agency over ten years ago.

Shortly after departing college, he went to work for a large advertising agency. It only took him about five years in this job to realize he had to own his own business.

At first, he went to work serving the marketing project needs of very large corporations, but he found that he was always much   more  interested in working with small business owners.

However, he found it very difficult to help small business owners using the traditional advertising agency model. Small business owners simply couldn’t afford to spend marketing dollars on image advertising, creative briefs, and research teams to form their marketing strategies.

He found the missing ingredient to his puzzle in Michael Gerber’s brilliant small business book titled the E-Myth Revisited. Through the E-Myth, Gerber was one of the first to introduce the idea of a replicable small business system.

While John had found that small business owners had little trouble grasping systems for things like accounting and shipping, no one was talking about marketing as a system.

It became painfully clear to him that the only way to effectively deliver simple, effective, and affordable marketing results for small business owners was through the development and application of a proven set of marketing principles and strategies.

This system had to be duplicatable; produce predictable results; and come with a fixed, almost product-like, price tag.

The Duct Tape Marketing System is the outcome of over 20 years of work in the real-world, small business marketing laboratory.

John’s passion to help small business owners continues unabated, as he continues to do so every day. He derives considerable joy from knowing that thousands of small business owners have now succeeded in growing a business the ‘Duct Tape Marketing way’, with his help and with the help of his Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Consultants.

Copyright Duct Tape Marketing, used with permission

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